Revolution Micro is proud to have developed the Autopilot series of lighting and environmental controllers for industry giant, Hydrofarm. Using these industry-leading controllers, growers can automate the regulation of key environmental factors such as grow room temperature, photoperiods, carbon dioxide supplementation and humidity.

C.A.P. (Custom Automated Products)

Hydrofarm acquired the C.A.P. brand of lighting controllers, fan speed controllers, ozone generators, CO2 regulators, humidity controllers, and heating / cooling thermostat products. Revolution Micro is proud to have redesigned the entire controller range to insure compliance with the toughest reliability standards.


Blue Mountain Avionics started the glass cockpit revolution in the 90’s and Blue Mountain’s flagship EFIS/One was the first self-contained inertial navigation platform available for experimental aircraft. We’re proud to have built, flown, and pushed this industry forward. Much of what you see in modern automotive navigation systems can be traced back here. The now familiar terrain colors started with this system. Designed and flight tested in-house, this all in one IFR instrument platform and autopilot system was one of our more fun projects.