Cannabis Cultivation Lighting Manufacturer Revolution Microelectronics Opens Worldwide Distribution Center in Metro Atlanta

ATLANTA — As the cannabis cultivation market matures and expands to large-scale operations, Atlanta-based horticulture lighting and controls company Revolution Microelectronics (Revolution Micro) is staying ahead of the curve by opening a new distribution center just outside Atlanta.

The center allows Revolution Micro to service and distribute its technologies directly and domestically while other lighting manufacturers often work through international distributors and servicers.

“We’re expanding worldwide, and our record-breaking technologies now all ship directly from Ball Ground, just north of Atlanta,” says Greg Richter, managing director and CTO of Revolution Micro.

“Our horticultural fixtures are going into top tier cannabis cultivation operations all over the world such as MPX and Emerald Health of Canada, as well as Curaleaf facilities in America and others in Puerto Rico, Columbia and Thailand.”

Richter says there is high demand for Revolution Micro’s lighting and control systems, designed specifically for scale cultivation, and a new U.S.-based distribution center was needed to shorten lead times and ship orders directly to facilities and customers.

Revolution Micro

Revolution Microelectronics, with $3.5 million in sales in 2018 and another $3.6 million so far in 2019, is an innovative, vertically integrated, AgTech company that designs, manufactures and distributes state of the art horticultural lighting and controls designed specifically for scale cultivation.

Mission Statement: To create record breaking, state of the art horticultural technologies while simultaneously reducing the agriculture industry’s environmental impact through energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing and ethical design practices.