Designing the illumination for an indoor grow facility or a supplemental lighting system for a greenhouse is a job for a lighting engineer, and at RevMicro we're happy to provide that service for free.

With an engineered report, you can clearly see how much light hits the canopy, how uniform your lighting is, how many fixtures you need, what hang height is optimal, and how much power you'll need to do it.

Most plants hit saturation around 1500 uMole/m2/s illuminance, so we start with the target PPFD and calculate how may fixtures that will take and how to best arrange them for uniform coverage.

RevMicro can provide lighting layouts, electrical drawings and turn-key facility design and architectural and engineering drawing packages.

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Here's a real-world example done in Calculux with an optimized grid, and the same lights that were hung in Colorado on a "standard" 4x4 grid.

  • Optimized layout, 837 uMole, 85% uniformity.
  • 4X4 layout, 1118 uMole 50% uniformity.
Since nearly all of the wavelengths in the PAR region appear dim to human eyes, people won't see a difference but the plants sure do. Human eyes just perceive the room as "bright".

One of these grows will be very successful, one of them will have constant problems from heat and plant stress with some plants getting twice as much lights as others. This is also a good answer to the “lighting the tables” vs. “lighting the room” question. Overlap matters, and wall reflectance and distance matter.

Revolution also offers turn-key facility design in partnership with some of the best consultants in the field. Ask for a free quote on your next build.



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Thinking about a custom LED light for your commercial-scale project? Looking for a new control system or a new manufacturer for your existing one? We're the maker behind many of the brands you already know.

Revolution Micro offers a complete product creation service from design consultancy right through to manufacture. If you have a project that would benefit from aerospace-grade engineering rigor then drop us a line! We would be happy to discuss your requirements. We can design and build almost anything electronic from control systems to lighting, RF, and millimeter wave. We can also supply machined, cast, stamped or forged metal parts as well as injected and blow molded plastic, paper boxes, and packaging designs in paper, fiber, plastic and more. Our ISO-certified facility is in Thailand and there's no punitive tariff on Thai imports!

We build for a lot of people and it’s likely you’ve seen or use something we made, like the well-regarded CAP and Autopilot controller series we designed and built for Hydrofarm, and the lighting we build for Gorilla Grow and others.

What can we make for you?


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