Engineering and Turn-key Manufacturing


Revolution Micro offers a complete product creation service from design consultancy right through to manufacture. If you have a project that would benefit from aerospace-grade engineering rigor then drop us a line! We would be happy to discuss your requirements.  We can supply machined, cast, stamped or forged metal parts as well as injection or blow molded plastic, paper boxes and packaging designs in paper, fiber, plastic and more.  It’s likely you’ve seen or use something we made.  What can we make for you?


  • Air Bag Controller
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Sonar / RADAR / LIDAR
  • Loudspeakers
  • Audio Amplifiers

Professional Lighting

  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Lighting Fixture Design
  • Reflectors and Optics
  • EMI Suppression

Industrial Electronics

  • Embedded Systems
  • Process Control
  • Power Conversion
  • Electric Traction

SMT Process

  • Fourteen (14) Lines
  • 8.3 Million PPM Capacity
  • Board sizes to 330mm x 250mm
  • Components as small as 1005

Automatic Soldering

  • Eight (8) Lines, ROHS-certified (lead free)
  • Dual wave solder
  • Board width up to 230mm

Discrete Components

  • Axial – six (6) lines
  • Radial – six (6) lines
  • Jumper – two (2) lines