Biggest, Brightest, Best.

Revolution Micro is proud to announce that the new Avici LED is breaking records once again as the brightest and longest lasting LED with the most flexible spectrum.  
The Avici 1500 breaks industry records with high energy efficiency, the longest rated life, the most flexible spectrum, and the highest output of any high power horticultural LED. With all four categories of excellence covered in one light, the Avici 1500 is a force to be reckoned with.  
Programmable Spectrum LEDs open up a whole new world of possibilities to cannabis cultivators. They can be used to mimic seasons and shorten harvests to increase the number of cycles per year. They can control plant architecture, using plants’ natural response to blue to shorten internodal spacing for stocky plants or using red to encourage reaching. They can influence terpene profiles to grow a more flavorful, aromatic crop or to boost cannabinoid content for a high THC content. They can even influence the color of the bud by using shorter wavelength (bluer) light to trigger anthocyanin production which give the buds more purple, red, and pink tones.  
Suffice it to say, there’s a lot that a grower can do with programmable spectrum to increase the quality of the product. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s a great long term choice for investors as well since it won’t be outdated as research on cannabis’ response to spectrum continues to advance. It gives facilities the power to stay competitive and up to date on the latest in crop steering without needing to replace old lights.  
 The Avici keeps making cultivators money long after other lights have become obsolete or stopped working. With a 150,000 hour L90, nearly three times industry standard, it stays brighter for far longer. Avici’s superior reliability also cuts down on labor with the lowest return rate in the industry.  If better buds and a longer life wasn’t enough, the Avici series is also environmentally friendly and reduces overall facility costs with its high efficacy. At 2.06 – 3.8 uMole/J, depending on spectrum, the Avici lights a room to HPS brightness with thirty percent less light. That’s also thirty percent less heat, which leads to less air conditioning needs and overall reduces the electrical consumption of facilities by 40% compared to HPS.  
That’s a reduced carbon footprint in addition to the reliable, future-proof lights that will stay out of the landfill far longer than other LEDs.  Not only is Revolution Micro earth friendly, they’re also people friendly. Revolution manufactures in an ISO 9001 facility, which has strict regulations on the quality of the work environment. Because we design many of our own parts, we also source raw materials in ethical ways and ensure they’re made in the same ethical conditions as the end product. 
The Avici 1500 is going to change things in a number of ways. Cannabis cultivation will have a lower carbon footprint. Strains can be targeted with custom spectra to express specific chemical profiles for medicine or a boutique experience. Facilities will be more reliable with fewer failures so growers can focus on growing. The Avici 1500 not only brings creativity and scientific levels of precision to horticulture, it brings an ethical responsibility and a compassion for people and the earth.