Learn about Cannabis and Lighting Science

An Overall Guide to Programmable Spectrum

Learn how spectrum influences plant growth in this easy to read, infograpahic style educational booklet. 

Yield vs Development: Growing Potent Weight

Ever wonder why some lights have great yield, but terrible chemical development? It’s all about spectrum.

The Role of Each Color in the Lighting Spectrum

Go through the rainbow color by color and learn about how plants percieve the world around them. 

Cannabis and Lighting Science Resources to Give You the Competitive Edge.

Further Reading: Some Scholarly Sources

The science of spectrum explained, with links to scholarly articles on the interaction of color and plant growth. 

Mimicking Environments Testimonials Image

Mimicking a Pant's Native Environment

Do alpine strains really express more terpenes? One cultivator is using programmable spectrum to mimic high altitude conditions with great success. 

The Secret to Growing Purple

Anthocyanins are the flavinoid responsible for the pink, purple, red and blue colors in cannabis, and certain spectrum of light increase them. 

Want to learn more about the science behind our lights?

Tips and Tricks to Save Money in Lighting

A few simple engineering tricks to help you make a choice based on science, not advertising. 

The History of Spectrum

From stolen street lamps to programmable spectrum LEDs, cannabis cultivators have come a long way from the HPS of ten years ago. 

Six Ways Programmable Spectum will Revolutionize Growing

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