Frequently Asked Questions


How much power does it put out?

600 – 1100W

What lamp does it come with?

The DEva comes standard with the Ushio Pro Plus, 2100 micromole HPS DE lamp.  These are, and always have been, made by BLV in Germany for Ushio.  Ushio bought BLV in 1990. Newer lamps are marked Revolution, earlier ones are marked Ushio or BLV.

How many BTUs heat?

1000 watts = 3412 BTU/hour = 0.2854 refrigeration tons.
Same numbers, just different unit of measure. DEva is close to 95% efficient, so adding 5% gets you:

  • 3600 BTU/h, or 3 tons of cooling for every 10 lights

This is just the lights – you still need to cool the room which depends on outside air temperature, insulation, windows, etc. You can use this calculator to figure it all out. Click Here!

How much area does it cover?

Most DE lights are designed to cover a 4×4 footprint about 3 feet off the canopy. We generally recommend a hang height of two to three feet.

Where can I buy it?

These guys have ’em:

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Big project, (128+ lights)? Contact us for Factory Direct Pricing.

Why is DEva cheaper than Brand XXX?

We design, build, sell, service and support everything in-house. One company, not six.

Why is DEva better than Brand YYY?

The first all-new 1000w design in a decade, low frequency squarewave output, high-efficiency, low-EMI, etc. Check the brochure here.

What if it breaks?

Change out the electronics and be lit back up in about eight (8) minutes, easy as changing a tire. See how here. Fix it, don’t replace it!


Isn't this a rebranded ZZZ?

Nope! The RLC1 is an all-new, all-digital controller we designed and built in-house and from scratch. It’s our design, although we do make it for a few other people.