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Programmable Spectrum

Spectrum Presets and Customization Ideas

Easy to use presets to get you started, programmable spectrum for ultimate flexibility. 

Our Rated Life - 150,000 Hours

That’s 32 years of life, three times longer than industry average! 

All Osram Diodes

Graph Showing the Relationship Between Current and Light Output of LEDs

We use 100%, top shelf, all OSRAM diodes. We also under drive the diodes, meaning the part is capable of handling far more energy than actually goes through it. We do this because the first few watts that go through a diodes are the most efficient and as the current goes up, efficiency goes down. Giving each chip a lighter load makes them not only perform better, but last longer as well. 

Each Different Strain

Get the Perfect Light Recipe for Every Cultivar 

The optimum spectrum changes for each cultivar. Some high altitude strains require more blue in the spectrum, which mimics the thinner atmosphere of the environment they adapted to thrive in. A programmable spectrum gives ultimate flexibility to cultivators to give each unique strain exactly what they need for full genetic expression. Revolution Micro is currently working with cultivators to harvest information on the optimum spectrum for different strains, and we’d love to have your input. We have a report by Jeffrey Mages available to read, and are always looking to add more. 

What Did You Discover?

Do you have an Avici? We’d love to hear about what you’ve observed while using the programmable spectrum! 

Cannabis Education Image
Color Post

The Role of Each Color in the Lighting Spectrum

In this article we detail each color in the lighting spectrum and the effect it has on plant morphology. 

IP67 - Waterproof, Dustproof

Completely waterproof for easy cleaning. Perfect for racking applications where water might drip onto the fixtures. These lights also help a facility qualify for a GMP rating, which requires all equipment be washable.