AC and Lighting are two of the most important parts of your facility.

Let us handle both to ensure they work together seamlessly.

A smoothly running HVAC system keeps plants healthy and potent.

Perfectly Synchronized

Lighting and HVAC are the two biggest energy users in a grow facility. We'll design them in tandem to ensure seamless and optimized performance.

Reliable Cooling

Did you know some terpenes start evaporating away at only 70 degrees? Our reliable cooling systems ensure consistent temperatures for maximum terpene retention and plant health.

No More, No Less

We know exactly how much AC you'll need based on region, room size, lighting intensity, and desired temperatures. Spend less by designing with precision.

Our industrial chillers are top of the line equipment with parts any HVAC tech can service. Learn more about them here:

Lighting, Cooling, CO2, VPD, and Humidity.

One company. One price. Fully integrated technology.

Peace of Mind

With all your environmental controls at your fingertips, you can focus less on worrying and get back to the fun parts of growing. The TouchMi Controller handles not only the programmable lighting, but also temperature and humidity control. It has VPD and CO2 sensors as well so you can easily check your grow at a glance.

Priced Together

Sourcing your air conditioning and lighting from the same company is far more cost-effective than doing it separately, making it not only the best choice for ease of use and electrical consumption but best for your budget too.

TouchMi Controller


512 Lights in 2 Zones
CO2, VPD, Humidity, Temp
Seasonal Spectrum Presets
Customizable Spectrum

Not Sure What You Need?

Let us design your lighting layout, your HVAC, and anything else you need from benching to automated fertigation.