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The Rising Brightness in Cultivation Rooms 

Average PPFD has gone up nearly 100% in recent years. Why are expert cultivators building brighter and brighter rooms? 
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The Role of Each Color in the Lighting Spectrum

In this article we detail each color in the lighting spectrum and the effect it has on plant morphology. 
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The Secret to Growing Purple 

Anthocyanins are responsible for the pink, red, and purple colors in cannabis and respond to short wavelength light. 
Five Ways to Save Money Lighting Cannabis Facility

Saving Money in Facility Lighting 

Lighting a facility can be expensive, but we’ve got some easy tricks to save money both in the startup stage and long term. 
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Yield vs Development: Growing Potent Weight 

Terpene and cannabinoid content don’t always increase as yield increases. Learn how to grow potent weight.  
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The History of Light Spectrum in Cannabis Cultivation 

From stolen street lamps to programmable spectrum LEDs, this booklet goes over the history of using colored light to control cannabis.