Yield vs Development: Growing Potent Weight

The Problem with High Yield White LEDs

Some growers using high powered LEDs are realizing too late that a poor spectrum produces bland cannabis with a low cannabinoid and terpene content. In this competitive market, it’s becoming more and more important to present to customers a potent plant with a unique and robust terpene profile. While genetics play a role, the spectrum of light a plant is grown under also has massive influence on its chemical profile. 

Big, But Bland

Some lights boast high pounds per light, but growers quickly realize that the sub-optimal spectrum creates bland, weak cannabis that lacks flavor and aroma and has a low THC content. This drops the sale value and in the end the higher yield wasn’t worth it. Recent studies have shown that cannabis yield and cannabinoid content do not always increase together and that often times as yield increases due to high powered lights, cannabinoid content fails to keep up. A little understanding of how plants respond to light can help cultivators make educated decisions and get high yield without compromising development. 

How Does It Work?

Plants use the spectrum of light around them to learn about their environment and decide how to grow. Studies have determined that spectrum influence cannabinoid development and that a fuller spectrum grows a plant with higher cannabinoid and terpene content.  Color, flavor, and aroma are also influenced by spectrum. Anthocyanins, which are responsible for the pink, red, purple and blue colors in cannabis, respond to short wavelength light such as blue and UV. As the trends of popular cannabis colors change from purple, to dark green, to pink and red, a programmable spectrum can target these flavonoids to stay competitive. 

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

To produce a high yielding plant that still packs a punch, a targeted spectrum is key. The Avici 1500w does just that, delivering high yield with its 4,620 uMole of light and full development with a programmable spectrum. More than double the brightness of an HPS, the Avici 1500 penetrates the canopy, boosts yield, and produces high quality, flavorful and potent cannabis with a high sale value.