Momentum Conglomerate

Cultivating the Gift of Sleep

Momentum Conglomerate lends their expertise to cultivation facilities, helping them provide relief to patients who seek cannabis to overcome illnesses and injuries. Thanks to the passion and experience of Benjamin Selma and his team, patients are given a gift many tend to overlook; the ability to rest. Sleep is fundamental to both physical and mental health, and it is important for patients with chronic pain to have time to rest and repair their body.

Targeted Terpenes

Selma’s style is small batch cannabis grown to target specific terpene and cannabinoid contents to best help their patients. These small batches target terpenes such as Caryophyllene, which has been demonstrated to soothe inflammation, pain, and anxiety, or Myrcene, the most abundant terpene and a natural muscle relaxer and sedative.
Selma has taken the process of growing cannabis to express specific chemical profiles to a new level. He considers it an art form, controlling all the growth variables to create a plant perfectly suited to the needs of the patients. His latest advancement in his horticultural skill set is the use of programmable spectrum LEDs, which allow him to add specific amounts of different wavelengths of light throughout the plant’s growing cycle to influence its shape, size, and chemical expression. He is using the Avici Series Programmable Spectrum LEDs to craft plants that carry these essential compounds to give his patients the sleep their bodies need to recover. 

Programmable Spectrum

“The AVici Programmable Spectrum gives me the ability to be an artist and release the plant’s personality,” said Selma. 

Real Life Progress

By fine tuning the plant’s phytochemical development with programmable spectrum LEDs, Selma has seen real-life progress for many patients. One patient struggling from chronic pain from a lightning strike was able to reduce his morphine intake from nine pills a day to only two. Selma noted that the difference sleep makes in personality is crucial to one’s enjoyment of life and the community. “Sleep makes a huge difference in the way we feel, the way we treat people, the way we treat our family,” said Selma. 

Pharmaceutical Prospects

As horticultural science continues to advance, cannabis offers more and more solutions to humanity’s problems. Programmable spectrum LEDs are the next big step in medical cannabis cultivation and will rocket pharmaceutical applications to new heights.
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