Higher Efficacy than Ever

Revolution Micro is proud to announce yet another breakthrough in horticultural lighting efficiency that can save cultivators millions in electricity. The newly redesigned Avici LED line features higher efficiency, longer life, and, as always, a fully programmable spectrum.   
The impacts of this upgrade range from eco friendliness to cost efficiency. Lower energy usage is better for the environment, and Revolution Micro has always taken care to ethically manufacture fixtures and ensure they’re built to high standards to keep them out of the landfill for as long as possible. Higher efficacy drives down the cost of cultivation facilities considerably, because not only is money saved in powering the lights, with less energy lost as heat air conditioning costs are reduced by nearly 50%. In a large scale facility where electricity can cost $2 million a year, saving half by upgrading to newer fixtures is absolutely worth it. Scale facilities can save around $100,000 a month with these newer LEDS.  

Early LEDs

Rev Micro also decided to upgrade to deliver on the promises of early LED lights. When horticultural LEDs first hit the market, other companies made a lot of promises that weren’t delivered on. Companies claimed their 600w LED was ‘equivalent to’ an HPS and marketed it as a direct replacement, but cultivators who switched were disappointed to find a 1500 uMole LED didn’t stack up to a 2100 uMole HPS light. This generated distrust towards early LEDs, which was why when Rev Micro first built the Avici, we designed it to be truly brighter than an HPS. Now we’re delivering on what early LED companies claimed for years: a 750w LED that truly replaces an HPS light with higher output, programmable spectrum, and efficacy of 3.06 – 3.8 uMole/J.

How Did We Do It?

A clever redesign to constant current, a more efficient heat sink, sourcing of better parts, and under driving the chips each play a part in this new design. With constant current, instead of each light needing a high voltage power supply, the electricity is converted in one larger external driver before it is sent to the lights. This lessens the strain on the electronics and drops prices. 

It's All in the Diodes

We also under drive the diodes, meaning less power is sent to each chip than the part is capable of handling. This is because the first few watts that go through a diode are the most efficient and as current goes up, efficiency goes down. Giving each chip a lighter load makes them not only perform better, but last longer as well. 
The newly updated Avici programmable spectrum LED line is long lasting, programmable, and efficient. Reach out to learn more, or check out our horticultural education resources.