Best in Class Toplight LEDs 

High performing, long lasting, superior development LEDs. 

The Avici 1500

The Avici 1500 is an extremely high output LED aimed at delivering superior yields without compromising development. The Avici 1500 is more than double the brightness of an HPS but with a fully adjustable spectrum to grow award winning crops. 

4,620 uMole, Programmable Spectrum, 32 Year Life, IP67 Waterproof.

The Avici HB is the classic Avici model, used by industrial and craft cultivators alike to grow award winning product. Its high output penetrates the canopy, and the programmable spectrum delivers superior chemical development. 

2,400 uMole, Programmable Spectrum, 32 Year Life

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The Avici 750 is a slim profile, highly efficient, programmable spectrum toplight perfect for both indoor and greenhouse applications. It’s brighter than an HPS while only drawing 750w of power, and has a fully programmable spectrum for ultimate flexibility. 

2,310 uMole, Programmable Spectrum, 32 Year Life, IP67 Waterproof.

Expertly Control Your Device.

Revolution grow light controllers are compatible with all Revolution lights, as well as Gorilla Grow and KIND LED.