New LED Technology Brings a Brighter Future​

ATLANTA, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Revolution Micro, an Atlanta-based horticultural lighting manufacturer, has created the first line of instrument-grade LED fixtures to push controlled-environment agriculture toward a more sustainable future.

This advancement into programmable spectrum also means the highly flexible lights won’t become outdated as research into the effect of light spectrum on plants continues. This, in combination with its 150,000 hour lifespan, a dramatic improvement from the industry standard 50,000 hour lifespan, means the systems will need to be replaced far less frequently than others on the market, leading to fewer fixtures being thrown away each year. 
“Beyond considering the significant price of replacing lighting systems several times, growers concerned with operating sustainably should also consider the impact of all of those short-lived fixtures ending up in landfills,” says Marisa McRainey, CEO of Revolution Micro. “The Avici Series saves money, energy and waste while providing a commercial-grade programmable spectrum — taking it from a lab demonstration to an industry standard.” 
Revolution Micro is proud to bring new levels of innovation, quality and precision to controlled environment agriculture. All Revolution products are completely designed and engineered in-house; no copies, clones or licensed designs. Everything is manufactured in their automotive and aerospace qualified ISO certified factory in Thailand. Revolution Micro takes pride in their careful consideration of every aspect of production, from ethically sourcing our materials to considering the lasting effect of the product on the world. These long lasting, flexible, responsibly made fixtures are not only delivering superior results to the cultivators, but also moving the industry away from short lifespan, disposable lights and towards a more sustainable future we all can be proud of.