The Avici 750w

Product Details


2,310 uMole
Programmable Spectrum
150,000 Hours

High Output - High Yield

Photo Courtesy of Trade Roots

High Bay Applications

The Avici 750w is perfect for high bay applications. With strong coverage similar to HPS, the Avici 750w provides excellent penetration and uniformity.

Superior Reliability

150,000 Hour Rated Life

Get the highest ROI with the longest lasting LED.

What is an L90?

We use OSRAM’s diode specifications and NASA’s soldering standards to calculate our rated life.


The Avici Series has a 150,000 hour life, three times industry standards. Cultivators can trust in the superior reliability of a high rated life.

Higher ROI

Avici stays brighter for longer, growing more cannabis and continuing to pay for itself long after other fixtures need to be replaced.

Programmable Spectrum

The ultimate tool to control crop development.

Plant Architecture

Spectrum influences plant height, foliage density, internodal spacing, stem thickness, root development and more.

Chemical Development

Spectrum influences chemical production and retention and can be used to target specific chemical profiles for unique and potent flavors, colors, and effects.

Grow Schedule

A programmable spectrum can mimic seasons on a tighter schedule, boosting overall productivity of a facility.

Programmable Spectrum

Mimic Seasons and Other Lights

Seasonal Presets

The Avici Series has presets for clone, veg, flower, and finish for easy targeted spectrum right out of the box.

Full Spectrum

The Avici Series can also run full spectrum, or mimic the specific mixes of other lights.

Adaptable Tech

The Avici stays competitive as the market changes and can adapt to new horticultural research.

Fully Waterproof

IP67 Rated