The Avici F6


720w Flower Rack Light

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The Avici F6 is a low profile, programmable flower rack solution with the ability to mimic seasons and unmatched reliability with an industry leading 150,000 rated hours. 

Yield and development don’t always go hand in hand. The Avici’s programmable spectrum with targeted presets does more than just grow weight; it produces potent, aromatic, and flavorful cannabis with high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes for a high sale value. Don’t grow bland weight with other high power LEDs. Make sure to get a programmable spectrum. 

Photo Courtesy of Trade Roots

SAVE 30%

The Avici Series uses 30% less energy than an HPS while delivering more light. This lowers overall energy costs of a facility, reduces carbon footprint, and saves money. LEDs have long claimed to be ‘equivalent to’ an HPS, but the Avici F6 is truly brighter at 2,220 uMole, compared to the standard 2,100 uMole of an HPS. 


This reduction in energy consumption also lowers air conditioning bills, saving even more electricity. Overall, facilities running the Avici F6 instead of HPS can save 40% of overall energy costs.

Our Rated Life is an Industry Leading 150,000 Hours