DEva 1000W HPS Lighting System

Brighter than a DE and 12% More Efficient

New Advanced Software & Even Higher Efficiency

Introducing the Avici 1150w Programmable Spectrum LED.

Over priced, underpowered LED’s are a thing of the past now crushed by the raw performance and power of Revolution Micro’s 1150 actual watts LED. Avici has a programmable spectrum with efficacy ranging from 2.05 uMole/J to 2.85 uMole/J depending on spectrum setting. With CSA-certified PPF of over 2300 uMole/s there’s  just no comparison or need for the use of the term “equivalent to”. The Avici LED is the first in the world to ever be measurably brighter than a DE 1000w HPS.

Designed and built to aerospace standards using 32 year part life components, this LED is built to outlast any other light on the market. We used only top shelf Osram LED chips and have created a beautifully even light distribution for a perfect 5x5 to 6x6 footprint ideal for indoor or greenhouse supplemental lighting.

The Avici is controlled by our RLC1 lighting controller which comes with presets for Clone, Veg, Flower and Finish defined and tested by top growers and Universities. The most advanced feature of the Avici is it’s Prgrammable Spectrum. Never before could the grower control the spectrum, using as much or as little of any color as required to achieve tailored results. This takes breeding, phenotype specific spectra and plant science research to a whole new level.

Run our recommended Enhanced Solar Spectrum at full power to achieve a nearly perfect growing spectrum, or dial in your own. A world's first.

The Avici LED can be controlled through our Revolution Micro all digital lighting controller using our easy to operate software interface. With our all new digital design you can now control up to 512 lights in two separate zones, with cable lengths of five (5) miles!

The best designed, best performing and top-rated horticultural LED light in the world also just so happens to be the most competitively priced. This is possible because we design and build all of our technologies in house. We’re a small family business and we’re able to pass those non-corporate savings on to you.

Save energy, support small business and get amazing results with the Avici 1150w Programmable Spectrum LED.


A World’s First in Horticultural Technology

The first LED to really compete with HPS lighting, Avici brings DE power levels, footprint, and light output with LED efficiency and tunable spectra. Change the color ratios with our Clone, Veg, Flower and Finish presets or dial-in your own custom spectrum to complement your DEva HPS or Metal Halide lighting. Avici can be dimmed as low as 28w or as bright as 1150w offering never before seen flexibility in growing. Choose your efficiency, choose your power level, choose your spectra. Avici puts you in control of your lighting. Designed from the ground up for avionic-grade reliability, Avici is rated to run continuously for thirty-two years while most LEDs are rated for just three. Our Osram chips are rated to run at 85C, but we run them so cool at 55C that Osram calculated Avici will maintain 90% brightness at >150,000 hours -- over 32 years of daily use! With Avici you’ll enjoy a more efficient indoor garden with higher performance, longer life and your choice of both spectra and power level.

Engineering Specifications

Input Voltage

120/240/277 volts AC, 50/60 Hz or 347v 50/60 Hz

Input Current

9.6 amperes @ 120 volts , 4.8 amperes @ 240 volts , 4.17 amperes @ 277 volts

Input Power Plug

NEMA 6-15P (240v USA is standard)

System efficiency

88.6 % @ 277 volts

Driver efficiency at full power

84.39% @120 volts , 86.22% @240 volts , 88.6% @277 volts

Power factor

0.99 @ 120 volts , 0.98 @ 240 volts , 0.96 @ 277 volts

Light Source

Osram OSLON LED array

LM90 (Osram 55C)

> 150,000 hours


  74,000 hours

Luminous Flux

 > 2300 uMole/sec dimmable in 10% steps

Area covered

Coverage is best computed with lighting design software, but as a simple guide to PPFD with no overlap:

3x3 @ 2750 PPFD
4x4 @ 1550 PPFD
5x5 @ 990 PPFD
6x6 @ 690 PPFD
7x7 @ 505 PPFD
8x8 @ 390 PPFD

You can calculate this approximately as PPFD ~= 2300 / coverage area in sq meters.

External Dim

Revolution or Revolution-compatible digital controller

External Dim Connector

RJ14 telephone interconnect type (6P4C)

Internal Dim


Actual input power

0 – 1150w

Dimming / Spectrum Control

External controller


Certified to FCC Part 18
Certified to FCC Part 15
CSA Certified
CE Certified
RoHS and RoHS2 Certified


435mm x 528mm x 121.6mm (17 x 21 x 5 inches)
15.0 kg (33 pounds)



So many growers are dissapointed by LED grow lighting because LED makers pitch 400w and 600w systems as the “equivalent” of a 1000w HPS or Metal Halide luminaire. Regardless of the source, the PPFD has to be similar to get similar results, which is why Avici is built to be not “almost” as bright but actually BRIGHTER than a 1000w DE HPS or Metal Halide lamp!


No knock-off clone parts here. Avici is made from Osram Oslon LEDs, the best we tested and the only volume manufacturer of the 660 nm hyper red wavelength so prized by top growers. Arranged on a wide, flat plane, Avici’s array of small emitters make a flat, even canopy of light unattainable with high-power LEDs or COBs at normal hang heights. It’s much more work to do this way, but a look at the IES files (or plants grown under them) show it was all worth it.


The photo shows one of the Avici drivers with eight (8) independently controllable constant-current channels. During full-power heat-soaked operation, no component exceeds 70C for an estimated 32 year lifespan and Avici’s massive, fan-cooled, custom heatsink keeps the LED chips cooler than that. Heat kills electronics so we try to keep it down. Our drivers use 600v power FETs as opposed to the more common 400v devices, and the electrolytic capacitors are rated for 105C, far beyond they’re actual in-use temperature. Silicon carbide catch diodes round out the Avionic-grade built on a HumidiGuard silicone coated circuit board for operation in humid environments. We don’t buy some one-size-fits driver and bolt it in. We design what we need and tune it to match the LEDs exactly.



Our control board in the Avici runs the now ubiquitous Revolution RS-485 protocol used by many other makers. Note also the extensive off-board filtering and EMI rejection circuitry needed to pass FCC Part 18B and the even tougher FCC Part 15B and European CISPR 22 specs. CE approved for Europe and CSA approved for localities requiring a UL listing, Avici controls are as close to bulletproof as we could make them.


Avionic grade electronics means MTBF (mean time between failures) measured in a few decades, not a few years. Running sixteen (16) separate transformer-isolated channels spreads the heat and lowers component stress over external power pack or “one big driver” designs. A common approach is high reliability equipment, this type of design is more common in aircraft than in lighting and also means Avici is field-repairable. Pull the top covers, swap out the boards, and you’re back up and growing. You own it, you should be able to fix it! Avici is designed for large scale grow operations looking to save power and use tunable spectra to control production of specific plant constituent chemicals like terpenes. From 28w to 1150w, Avici runs cool and solid, brighter than the DE fixture it replaced, and on less power.


Avici is brighter than a 1000w DE, 2300 uMole/s vs. 2000 uMole/s, and more efficient or a LOT more efficient, depending on spectrum selection. All data below is supplied by the manufacturers, except for Avici which is provided by CSA-certified lab test report. You can't effectively test LEDs with a PAR meter. You need a photogoniometer and an integrating sphere to get the complete and correct answer.

The chart at right shows the PPFD for a 60' x 40' room lit with 100 of each type fixture.

The charts below show the cost of light output in Dollars per uMole/s, and the Project Cost for a 60' x 40' room lit to 850 uMole/m2/s PPFD.

You can download the Avici certified lab report here to verify our numbers.


cost per umole of light

lighting cost



LED lights, like all electronic devices, produce signals that can interfere with WiFi, cell phones, cable TV and computers. These unwanted signals are electrical noise and are called EMI (electromagnetic interference). FCC limits how much EMI noise a device can produce and, with grow facilities getting bigger and bigger, EMI is becoming a real problem.

Most grow lights are certified to Part 18, the standard for industrial devices, while computers and home electronics are required to meet the much tighter Part 15 limits. At Revolution Micro, we've always tested to Part 15 since keeping a low EMI profile is good for communities and good for business. Now it's no longer optional -- FCC is requiring Part 15 compliance. All Rev Micro lights have always passed Part 15, and the Avici Part 15 report is attached.

Before you buy lighting for your home or grow, ask for the FCC report to make sure your lights meet the new standards.

FCC Part 15 Declaration of Conformity


LED light testing for programmable spectrum lights can generate a lot of data. The attached two CSA reports show the Avici running at 1000w and at 1200w, each with differing efficacy at different operating points. Brighter takes more power, and dimmer is more efficient. With Avici, you can choose the operating point that's best for your grow. Before you buy lighting, make sure you get a certified lab report showing output, spectrum and power consumption.

CSA Light Test - Avici at 1000w
CSA Light Test - Avici at 1200w.


  • First and only high-power, tunable, continuous spectrum LED
  • Surge protected, computer controlled, generator safe
  • HumidiGuard silicone coated electronics for long life
  • Runs on any voltage 120v, 240v or 277v right out of the box
  • First and only LED luminaire to ever pass both FCC Part 18 and  Part 15 Class B EMI limits