Revolution’s RLC1 and TouchMi are compatible with all of our products, as well as Gorilla Grow lights, MaxiBright, Phantom, and KIND LED’s X2. 

The RLC1

Easy to use environmental and LED controller perfect for large and craft scale grow rooms. It has a safety feature that automatically dims lights in an over-temperature event, and comes with ready to use presets for different stages of plant growth. 

512 Lights, 2 Zones, Sunrise Sunset, Spectrum Presets and Customization.

Control a wide range of environmental factors with an intuitive touch screen controller. The TouchMi has ready to use pre-sets for Clone, Veg, Flower, and Finish, as well as an option to fully customize your spectrum. 

Spectrum, Humidity, Temperature, CO2, VPD, Sunrise, Sunset, and more.